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Anthropology Colloquium Series | “Models and Imprints: An Anthropology of Aegean Bronze Age Art”

Speaker: Dr. Carl Knappett, University of Toronto Title: “Models and Imprints: An Anthropology of Aegean Bronze Age Art” Date: Tuesday, March 29 Location: Room 607, Chester New Hall Time: 3:30-5:00 pm

Mar 21, 2016


The artworks of the Aegean Bronze Age—from wall paintings of bull-leaping to sealstones depicting goddesses and griffins—have long been a source of wonder for scholars of the ancient world. Yet, they barely feature in many of the more anthropological interpretations of Minoan and Mycenaean societies. In this talk I attempt to ‘rehabilitate’ Aegean art from a perspective that combines insights from art history, anthropology and archaeology. The focus will fall principally on technologies of modeling and imprinting, with an examination of the semiotic resources that these processes offered Aegean communities in their creative engagement with the material world.



Dr. Carl Knappett is Professor and Walter Graham/Homer Thompson Chair in Aegean Prehistory at U.T. St. George. He specializes in the Aegean Bronze Age, directing excavations at multiple locations in Minoan Crete. His multi-sited approach to understanding Minoan and Mycenaean interactions is enriched by the use of interdisciplinary approaches and a focus on network analyses. He has published extensively on material culture and the methodological and theoretical challenges involved in its study.