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Social Sciences 1

Your Pathway to Success

A General First Year

Ranked as one of the top Social Sciences Faculties in Canadaour programs offer you an educational experience of the highest quality. Our graduates enjoy considerable success, whether they enter the job market, become entrepreneurs, apply to professional schools, or pursue graduate studies.

First year in Social Sciences 1 is your the gateway to a degree program. First-year courses are designed to provide an overview of each discipline and to help you choose a program best suited to your interests.

The flexibility of the Level 1 program allows you to explore courses from variety of disciplines. You’ll be able to choose courses from the across 12 different departments in Social Sciences and from other Faculties like Humanities and Sciences. In your first year must take at least 18 units of required Social Sciences courses. The remaining 12 units of courses can be chosen from Social Sciences or other Faculties like Humanities or Science.

At the end of your first year, you will decide upon the discipline in which you would like to specialize for your degree.  Most programs in the Faculty of Social Sciences require completion of 6 units of course work (two half year courses) in the discipline of choice and completion of a Level 1 program.

Preparing for Success

The transition to university can pose challenges as students get used to new routines and academic expectations. We’ve designed two courses to help ensure your success.  These ‘foundations’ courses have small class sizes giving you more personal interaction with the instructor and your classmates.  You will focus on developing the essential skills needed to to excel in  your studies. They are:

  • Life, the University, & a Bit of Everything  | Social Sciences 1T03
  • Inquiry in the Social Sciences | Social Sciences 1SS3

Life, the University, & a Bit of Everything

Social Sciences 1T03

The goal of this course is to help new students develop the most crucial skills and habits needed to succeed during their adjustment to university. Designed to be social, engaging, and flexible, this unique course blends online materials with fun classes to introduce students to the Social Sciences while teaching essential skills. By taking SOCSCI 1T03, students will develop a much stronger sense of their academic interests and goals.

Inquiry in the Social Sciences

Social Sciences 1SS3

Inquiry classes focus on practicing and developing critical thinking and research skills that let students thrive at university. Our first-year inquiry classes are small-group classes where instructors personally guide students through the exploration of a research project based on the student’s interests.

Some of the important questions this class will answer include:

  • How can I learn to develop more sophisticated research interests and questions?
  • How do I identify peer-reviewed and scholarly research sources?
  • How do I navigate the university’s library system?
  • How can I use research sources effectively while avoiding plagiarism?
  • How can I strengthen the analysis in my assignments?