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McMags Conference Program

Stories of Transition, Connection, and Adaptation: McMaster Anthropological Graduate Society Virtual Conference June 16, 2021 / 10:00-16:00 EDT

The McMaster Anthropological Graduate Society is hosting a virtual conference June 16 via zoom. There are Four sessions: Expanding Notions of Anthropology, Newcomers and Resilience, Pandemic Perspectives, and Detecting Past Transitions. Scholars from various backgrounds will share their research under the theme of ‘Stories of Transition, Connection, and Adaptation’. Click above for full conference details. All are welcome.

Jun 02, 2021

Throughout human history we have adapted to a variety of circumstances and events that have affected our lifeways. Faced with political, environmental, social, and economic challenges, communities have expressed their strong adaptability and resilience in order to develop innovative ways to navigate through these new conditions. Some of these events have led to important economic and social changes, such as transitioning from foraging to farming, adapting to newly configured ecological niches, immigrating to new regions following socio-political tensions, and the creation of new connections in virtual worlds. Recently we have experienced the rise in Black Lives Matter protests, Land Back movements, issues regarding vaccine distribution and ethics, and unequal access to resources; however, many of these issues have been recurring throughout humanity’s history.

Stories of Transition, Connection, and Adaptation

Opening Remarks / 10:00-10:10


Session 1 / Expanding Notions of Anthropology / 10:10-11:30

Amanda Harvey-Sánchez / 10:10-10:30

An Anthropology of “Just Transitions” in Transition: Towards a Research Agenda


Kyle Morrison / 10:30-10:50

Adapting to The Digital Age: Social media and political factionalism


Hannah Ali / 10:50-11:10

Ethnography of Sympathy and Yuta Anthropology of Connection


Loa Gordon / 11:10-11:30

Engaging Critical Disability Studies in Anthropological Research on Mental Health


Session 2 / Newcomers and Resilience / 11:40-12:20

Richard Atimniraye Nyelade / 11:40-12:00

The Olfactory Resilience of African Migrants in Canada


Zoe Slusar / 12:00-12:20

Let Them Play: Exploring How Playing Sport Impacts the Experience of Settlement for Newcomer Males


Lunch Break / 12:20-13:10


Session 3 / Pandemic Perspectives / 13:10-14:10

Noor Abbas / 13:10-13:30

Is Dreaming Random or a Human Adaptation? Testing Evolutionary Hypotheses on Dreaming during the COVID-19 Pandemic


Raghd Elgamal & Astara van der Jagt / 13:30-13:50

When the public invades the private, and the private invades the public: Uncertainty as a method


Isabella Daniele / 13:50-14:10

Swapping Rigid Pews for Comfy Couches: Reorienting Catholic Practice during Pandemic Times


Session 4 / Detecting Past Transitions / 14:20-15:40

Éloi Bérubé / 14:20-14:40

Plants Witnessing Changes: Addressing the Use of Plants in Mexico during Important Transitions


Shalen Prado / 14:40-15:00

Wetlands as transitional landscapes: contributions of aquatic and semi-aquatic plants to past human foodways


Rose Moir, Tristan Carter, Sarah Grant, Metin Kartal, Abu Bakar Siddiq & Vecihi Özkaya / 15:00-15:20 Changes in the Upper Tigris Basin (SE Anatolia) during the transition from the Younger Dryas to the Early Holocene


Duygu Ertemin / 15:20-15:40

A Story of Transitions: Archaeology and the past in Turkey