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Recent Theses and Recent MRP

Recent Major Research Papers (MRPs):


Jenkins, Tara
2011 Contexts, needs and social messaging: Situating Iroquoian human bone artifacts.

Arseneau, Glenn
2010 "It's Not the Years, It's the Mileage": Archetypes, Mythic Structure, and the Hero's Journey in the Cinematic Adventures of Indiana Jones.

Cultural Anthropology

Ingram, Heather
2010 The Gift of Education, Exploring Financial, Social and Educational Exchange at Canadian Universities.

Downey, Bernice
2009 Cultural Knowledge Brokering with Indigenous Populations.

Lukaweski, Emily
2007 Communicating Across Boundaries. A Literature Review of Anthropology and International Health.

Physical Anthropology

Devault, Alison
2008 Cholera - Genetics, Epidemics, and Evolution.

Anthropology of Health

Hornung, Lynnette
2011 The Use of Fresh and Local Produce in the Food Banks of Hamilton

Bogaert, Kandace
2011 Indigenous Peoples in Canada, Australia and New Zealand and the 1918 Influenza

Drolet, Katherine
2010 Prescribing Modern Quarantine Practices During a Period of Viral Panic: What Can the Anthropology of Public Health Teach us about 21st Century Public Health Measures?

MacIver, Erin
2010 Cracks in the Foundation: Plague in Imperial Rome.

Kata, Anna
2009 A Postmodern Pandora's Box: Anti-vaccination Arguments on the Internet.

Derejko, Katie-Sue
2008 Contextualizing Aboriginal Health: A Look at Culture, Determinants of Health, and Health Policy.

Battles, Heather
2007 The Anthropology of Disability.