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Theses awarded in Culture, Health, and Disease

Anthropology of Culture, Health and Disease MA Theses (Since 2003)

Goertzen, Andrea
2012 Patient Perceptions and the Path Less Travelled? A Review of the Literature on Alternative Cancer Treatments

Nagel, Ashley
2012 Water, Health and Growth in Tanzania: A political ecologic approach on how history, water policy, health ad growth interact

Boychuk, Martyna
2010 "Don't Reject Me:" Directed and Non-Directed Living Organ Donor Narratives and the Construction of the Organ Donation and Transplantation Process as a Meaningful Experience

Chadwick, Sarah
2010 Child Feeding Practices, Authoritative Knowledge, and Medication of Social Support Networks Among New Canadian Mothers Living in Hamilton, ON.

Hallman, Stacey
2009 The Effect of Pandemic Influenza on Infant Mortality in Toronto, Ontario, 1917-1921.

Janjua, Martyna
2009 Infant Mortality during the Great Depression in Hamilton, Ontario (1925-35): Trends, Causes, and Implications.

Slonim, Karen
2004 Differences in the Experience of the 1918-1919 Influenza Pandemic at Norway House and Fisher River, Manitoba.

Latham, James M.
2004 Determinants and Public Health Effects of Food Cost Availability in Two Neighborhoods of Hamilton, Ontario.

Slonim, Karen
2004 Differences in the Experience of the 1918-1919 Influenza Pandemic at Norway House and Fisher River, Manitoba.

Wood, Carolann
2004 An Investigation of the Prevalence of Rickets Among Subadults from the Roman Necropolis of Isola Sacra, Italy.

Ahern, Catherine
2003 Students’ Beliefs about Contagion and Implications for Antibacterial Soap Use.

Charles, Peter
2003 A Systematic Process for Interpreting Peer-Reviewed Literatures on Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs): “Questions on Effectiveness”.


Anthropology of Culture, Health and Disease PhD Theses (Since 2003)

Stephens, Christianne
2009  Toxic Talk at Walpole Island First Nation: Narratives of Pollution, Loss and Resistance.

Hayden, Leigh
2009  Bodies of Science: The Experiences of Human Research Participants of Health Studies.

Flesch, Hannah
2009  A Foot in Both Worlds and Balance in Neither? Acupuncture, Education, and Identity at a University of Natural Science Medicine in the United States.

Stride-Darnley, Benjamin
2009  Locations of Therapeutic Benefit: An Ethnography of Child and Youth Mental Health Services in Ontario, Canada.

Galloway, Tracey
2008 School Children's Nutrition and Growth: A Study of Children and the School Environment in Rural Ontario, Canada.

Maar, Marion
2006 From Self-Determination to Community Health Empowerment: Aboriginal Health Services on Manitoulin Island.

Farmer, Tracey
2004 Putting Women’s Health in its Place: Women’s Perceptions and Experiences in Hamilton’s North End.